Fall means change

If you know of me, you know I’m the person who loves to torture herself with juggling different responsibilities, events, and the like. I’ve been toying around with the idea of adding a blog to my to-do list. I’ve tried and failed to keep a blog a handful of times prior to this, so we’ll see if I can manage this time around!
The fall is always a big transformation period for me. October is my birthday month and every year without fail there is a creeping feeling that comes over me that I need something to change. Last year I made the official decision that I wanted to add clothing to my home based business, this year I’m finally getting back into Pole fitness!
My latest struggle has really been finding a balance in all the different aspects of my life.  Finding balance between a happy household and self happiness is a road that I’ve traveled before, but knew there would always be a fork in that road because my husband was in the military. That meant that regardless of our ideal plans, the government would be the one to make the final say.  Now that my husband finished his enlistment and we’re living the civilian life, officially settled into what we foresee to be our ‘forever home’, I’m finding that my ideas of self happiness might be a little different from what they were a year ago.
My best moments during the days now are the simplest ones. Watching my son and husband laughing, chickens roaming the yard, and sipping on a cup of coffee. If I could make those moments last all day, I would do it. So maybe I’m finding I don’t need the distraction of ‘busy-ness’ as much as I did. I feel as though over time my ability to stay busy from the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep had become my coping mechanism for any sort of stressors I was dealing with. I think that with this season, I may finally be figuring out how to cope with those stressors better or release them entirely.

I guess it’s just about trying to live as positively as possible.

With love,
​      Sharleen


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