Leaving LuLaRoe

Yes it’s true… I know so many of you have received my email with my announcement. For those of you who did not receive one, the news is pretty obvious lol! In the past couple months with my husband FINALLY off a back to back crazy schedule, I find myself feeling less obligated to be so busy. Being a busy person is one of my strongest coping mechanisms in stressful times and it’s essentially how I dealt with military life and adjusting to our new home.
Now that I finally feel as though we’re settled and have a great support system, I think I can finally relax and enjoy just being ‘Mom’. That’s it. LuLaRoe has been amazing, this past year has been fabulous! The business is a fast paced, continuously moving thing and I’m at a place where I kind of just want to feed my chickens, make crafts, and play with the kiddo.
The biggest complaint I’ve heard about me leaving LuLaRoe is missing Wine Down Wednesdays HAHAHA! So we might just have to move those to my personal timeline. Crafts and Chardonnay? Chickens and Cabernet? If you’re not friends with me regularly on Facebook, please shoot me a friend request!  I am looking forward to sharing more experiences with all of you.

With love,
​       Sharleen




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