Farm fresh eggs – storing & freshness

I remember a few years ago I came across an article of why we have to refrigerate our store-bought eggs. I talked to my mother about this as she used to have chickens growing up in the Philippines. I asked her if they ever refrigerated their eggs, they did not. When a hen lays an… Continue reading Farm fresh eggs – storing & freshness


Eggs, finally!

I'm so EGGcited to say my three older hens are finally laying! I have had them since they were chicks out of my original straight run flock of 6 Rhode Island Reds. Three of those six were the roosters I had to give away after an unfortunate incident. One of the roosters had tried to… Continue reading Eggs, finally!


Vintage Truck on a Wood Round

I received a few messages regarding the 'Tree Farm' truck sign that I made and posted on Facebook yesterday. I already made plans to make some wood round signs today so I figure I'd record as much of the process as I could to share with you tonight! Over the past few months, we have… Continue reading Vintage Truck on a Wood Round


A birthday gift for Pop-pop

The other evening my husband told me he had an idea for my father in laws birthday gift. He said that he had taken a couple candid photos of our son and my father in law when they were at lunch together a few weeks ago, pictures my father in law hadn't seen yet. Originally,… Continue reading A birthday gift for Pop-pop